September 15, 1997 – September 12, 2008

No one who met Coda, even briefly, will ever forget him.  He counted every living
creature as his friend.  Cats, kittens, dogs, puppies, ferrets, and even hamsters were
safe in his care.  Coda adored children, enjoyed car rides, walks, balls of every size, ice
cream, biscuits, snow drifts, and sitting in any convenient lap.  
I met him in June of 1998 when he became homeless because of his owner’s
catastrophic illness.  This young man was a pup anyone would feel privileged to own,
but one Rottweiler that it seemed nobody wanted.  By the end of that summer, he
celebrated his first birthday with us.  Now undeniably part of our pack, he became the
most valued member of my Rottweiler Rescue.  Coda was simply perfect.  He was the
dog I took to events where a “bullet-proof” Rottie was indicated. I confidently sent him
off with friends to greet the public. He never disappointed, and along his life’s journey
changed many misconceptions some people had about his breed.  Through the years,
he attended rescue fundraisers, Dog Walks, the Super Pet Expo in Edison, N.J., and
many of our adoption events. In October of 2006, he represented Rottweiler Rescue at
a special event in Manhattan where he charmed the visitors at Madame Tousaud’s. Wax
Museum. That same year, Coda earned his Canine Good Citizen award that certified
what his friends had always known. Coda was the best!
Coda enjoyed a full life, but it surely could have been longer.  Cancer claimed him a few
days before his 11th birthday.  He spent over ten of those precious years with us, and
definitely made MY world a better place. A perennial schoolboy with a perfect sit, he
often reminded me of an attentive student on the first day of school. Last January,
when he developed vestibular disease that compromised his balance, he remained
focused on his next adventure.  Coda never looked back, and his zest for life reflected
in his eyes. My world is now a lonelier, darker place. . .until we meet again. . . dear Coda
Coda . . .there is no Heaven without you!